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About me

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Hi, my name is Rasmus J. Klaustrup. An avid sports fan, hiking world explorer, individual fascinated by the human psyche, and creative motion designer, Currently I live in London, England, honing my graphical craft as a freelancer.


My story began in Denmark. As I grew up I became quite intrigued by the compelling and engaging emotions triggered by visual experiences. I thought to myself; how can I create similar content that triggers emotional experiences within others. 


On a summer day in 2008, I made the decision to create a YouTube channel. I developed the brand FifaRalle which focused on creating content around Football and the EA Sports franchise FIFA. The channel provided my first exposure to video editing and motion graphics design. I quickly got hooked on learning the ins and outs of different editing software. The big game changer was After Effects. I still remember how excited I was the day I got my hands on the program. It was only imagination which was the limit. 


I grew the channel over the years, and it reached over 50 million impressions and a following over 500,000 across social media platforms. However, as I grew older my focus shifted towards my education and eventually, I graduated with a Master's degree in Medialogy from Aalborg University. The degree focused on the science and technology behind advanced interactive digital media products. My specialization was in Computer Graphics, with my Master's thesis exploring the emotional impact of generative animation.


Since graduating I worked as a Motion Graphics Designer at Unisport, one of Europe's leading football retailers. I learned a great deal about creating engaging branded messaging, which the audience can relate to. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Unisport, but when the opportunity, to move to England and work with my Norwegian buddy Hjerpseth, arose, I couldn't pass up on it. This sees me currently living in London, working as a freelance motion graphic designer. 


Where my story goes from here is hard to tell, but I'm sure there are many exciting chapters yet to be told. If you want to be involved in the future of the tale don't hesitate to message me and say hello, I'm always interested in hearing what other people have on their mind.






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